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We love that our program is getting people talking about Junior sports and the fees involved. This is one of the reasons we have decided to introduce Fee Free Football at Balga SC. Since the introduction of the Fee Free Football program we have had a lot of discussions with people from all over WA and the country and have had amazing messages of support as well as some questions about the viability and affordability of such a program. We appreciate all questions and in this week’s article would like to address a few of the messages we’ve received.

How can you afford to offer Fee Free Football?
We know that not all clubs can afford to provide Fee Free Football however we strongly believe that as a club we are very well set up and positioned to offer the program. We have built strong and valuable relationships with ethnical and valued sponsors and partners that allows us to ensure that we have a mutually beneficial partnerships that benefits all parties. Football, in our eyes, is a way to build a strong community and a better future not just for Balga SC and the entire area but also those involved in the program, from the kids to the parents all the way to our awesome volunteers.

Is Fee Free Football really Free?
Yes, it really is free for up to 3 Juniors per Balga SC Member. For more information about memberships please refer to our Members page.

Is Fee Free Football only available to KidSports eligible Juniors?
Definitely not. Fee Free Football is available to all juniors under the age of 18. We do encourage and expect those that are eligible for KidSport to complete their Kidsport application and are happy to assist in this process. Fee Free Football is based around community involvement in your kids sport and the club itself. The full eligibility criteria is available on the Fee Free Football page.

Is Fee Free Football for serious footballers?
Fee Free Football is for all kids. It is structured in such a way that it provides pathways for kids that want to take their football seriously and for those that really just want to have fun with their friends. These pathways are called Academy and Community.

As mentioned in last weeks article, the Balga SC Academy pathway is set up to identify, nurture and develop young and talented players and provide them with the guidance, mentoring and further development avenues via the Balga SC State League teams.

The Community pathway is for kids and families that are looking for a more relaxed footballing and game day experience. Community pathway teams provide parents and guardians an opportunity to be involved in their child’s footballing experience while at the same time earning Volunteering Points.


Thank you to everyone that has signed up to the program already. We also wish to thank everyone that has been in contact with us with your questions and messages of support. Please do keep the questions coming and we will be sure to get you the answers.