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Use this guide to complete your Masters Player Registration. If you need help, please see any of our amazing club volunteers during a training session and they will help with the registration. 

 This guide focuses on returning players or players that have already been registered with FFA. If you’re brand new to Football or to Football in Australia, we can still help, just see the amazing volunteers mentioned above. 

 The steps are same for all teams except for Step 8. Here you need to select the appropriate team. Here we go:


Step 1: Go to www.playfootball.com.au 

 Step 2: Click on “Re-Registering to play this season? 


 Step 3: In the search bar type in Balga and click on Balga Soccer Club, Balga WA.

 Step 4: Click on Get Started.

Step 5: Click on SIGN IN.

 Step 6: Enter your Email Address and Password and click Continue.

 Step 6a: If you’re not sure what your password is, click on Forgot Password.

 Step 6b: Enter your email address and click CONTINUE.

 Step 7: Select I am registering myself and click Continue.

 Step 8: Find Balga Masters and click Select.

 Step 9: This screen shows you the registration fee breakdown. Click Continue.

 Step 10: Verify that your details are correct, if not, update them and click Continue.


Step 11: Confirm, update or upload your photo. Please ensure that it is a photo of you and you follow the guidelines. Failure to do so may mean your registration is not accepted. Click Continue.

 Step 12: Select Yes and click Continue.

 Step 13: Confirm the registration details, agree to the FFA Terms and Conditions and click Continue. Marketing options are your choice.

 Step 14: Payment. You can pay online or at the Club in person. To pay in person at the club click Submit and Pay Later otherwise enter your payment details and click Pay Now.


CONGRATULATIONS you’re now registered to play football with a group of Balga SC legends!