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Welcome to Fee Free Football (FFF)

At Balga Soccer and Social Club (INC.) our aim is to bring our community together and make us and our community better than ever. We aim to achieve this by teaching our members respect, fun, teamwork and to provide them with a sense of value to allow them to make a positive contribution to our great community.

Our ultimate goal is to provide all this at the lowest possible cost to every member. For a long time our goal and aim has been to provide free memberships to all Junior players within the City of Stirling and beyond. We want to see kids reach their full potential on the field and off. We strongly believe that your potential, drive and desire should not be influenced by your economic and cultural background. After all, our future and the future of Balga SC is in their hands.

We are truly honoured and very excited to introduce a true Junior Fee Free Football (FFF) program to all Balga SC members. The FFF program is available to all children under the age of 18. We believe that this Australian first program will not only put Balga SC at the forefront of junior development but will revolutionise Junior football in Western Australia.

The program aims to provide a fully organised fun environment for juniors. More than that, we understand that kids look up to their parents, guardians and families and look to them to lead the way. As such, for kids to become eligible we do require families to be involved and participate in club activities.

Help get more kids involved in football with your tax deductible donation.

Available Pathways

We will be providing two pathways for all Junior players. These are known as Academy and Community pathways.

The Academy Pathway is our advanced footballing program and will follow the NPL structure and will be run and administered by Balga SC Technical Co-Directors Ljupco Bobby Taneski and Alex Vrteski. Each team will be run by fully qualified coaches.
Community Pathway is for kids and families that are looking for a more relaxed footballing and game day experience. Community pathway teams provide parents and guardians an opportunity to be involved in their child’s footballing experience while at the same time earning Volunteering Points.
All selections for the Academy pathway will strictly be made by the Technical Co-Directors and Coaching staff only.

Eligibility Criteria

For a child to become eligible under the FFF program the following rules must be agreed to and complied with:


  • An application must be submitted via the Player Registration page.
  • FFF program has limited places for applicants.
  • FFF program is available to Balga SC members only. A parent or guardian can apply for a Balga SC membership prior to your FFF program application. 
  • All applicants are required to participate in regular fundraising initiatives. These may include a Choc Drive, Raffle Ticket Sales, Bunnings Sausage Sizzle and others.
  • A parent or guardian is required to attend at least one official Club function. These are spread throughout the year to make it easier for families and do require a ticket purchase however a refund for the ticket purchase can be obtained by earning 70 Volunteering Points.
  • A parent or guardian is required to participate in Club volunteering activities and reach 50 Volunteering Points (VP). Volunteering activities are listed below.
  • All KidSport eligible participants will be required to sign up for the government run KidSport. Balga SC will provide you with assistance in signing up.


Further Volunteering Benefits

Being involved in your child’s activities has immense future rewards and provides you with the platform to create a lasting bond. At Balga SC we wish to reward you for going above with the following:


  • 80 VP: Entitles you to an additional refund for an official Club function.
  • 90 VP: Entitles you for a refund of the Club Membership fee for the following year.
  • 100 VP: In addition to the above benefits you will also receive 2 FREE tickets to the Balga SC Green Tie Event.
Participants that do not meet the set minimum requirements will be liable for the full program costs in the amount of $600 and their child will not be eligible for participation until a full payment has been received.

Available Volunteering Activities

We have identified areas where we need your help to make your child’s journey more enjoyable. Each activity provides you with a number of applicable volunteering point. These are as follows:


  • Co-Ordinating a Junior Age group - 50 points
  • Junior Team Coach - 50 points
  • Junior Team Assistant Coach - 40 points
  • Junior Team Manager - 50 points
  • Office Administrator - 50 points
  • Function Co-Ordinator - 50 points
  • Weekend Canteen Assistant - 5 points each time
  • Thursday Night Canteen Assistant - 5 points each time
  • Maintenance Coordinator - 50 points
  • State League Home Games Assistant - 5 points each time
  • Guest and Member Welcoming officer - 50 points
  • Kit Manager State League - 50 points
  • Marking Pitches - 5 points each time
  • Junior Game Referee - 5 points each time
  • Junior Game Assistant Referee - 5 points each time
  • Assistant to the Club President - 50 points
  • Junior Treasurer - 50 points
  • Junior ground marshals - 5 points each
  • Raffle sales training & game days - 5 points each time
  • Junior wash kits - 5 points each time
  • State league grounds keeper - 5 points each time

Applications and Registration

To register for Fee Free Football you will need to:

  • Go to Player Registration page and complete the registration form. 
  • You have the option to pay for your membership online or at the club. Select the correct option. 
  • Once you have completed the Balga SC application form, follow the prompts to go to Football West and complete the FW registration.

This will complete your registration. Balga SC will than contact you with pre-season details and season kick off.