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There is ongoing debate in footballing circles around Western Australia and the nation in general over what the fees you pay provide your child with in their footballing. Coaching is one of the major topics within this debate. In this article we’ll focus on coaching and what it is that we at Balga SC bring to the table and how the Fee Free Football program is looking to change the game.

The Fee Free Football program is design to change the way we look at Junior football. It is designed to encourage parents and guardians to be engaged and more involved in their children’s social activities. Coaching is one of those activities.

As mentioned in our previous articles, we will be running two football pathways, the Academy pathway and the Community pathway. Both pathways will be administered by highly experienced and fully qualified Technical Co-Directors Ljupco Bobby Taneski and Aleks Vrteski.

The Academy pathway is tasked with identifying, nurturing and developing talented Junior players. We’re very fortunate in that the Academy pathway already has fully qualified and experienced coaching staff on board whom will follow an NPL structured criteria but we’re always looking for more.

The Community pathway has been designed for those Juniors that are looking for a more relaxed footballing environment. This pathway provides parents with an amazing opportunity to be involved in their children’s activities.

Coaching your child’s team has a large number of benefits both for you and your child. These include: spending more quality time with your child, instilling positive values in your child and their team mates, a physical workout for you, developing new skills and you will definitely develop a sense of pride in your accomplishments together whilst having fun at the same time.

At Balga SC we are looking to change things by being fully committed in supporting all of our coaching staff. With this in mind we will be running regular coaching workshops and provide all our coaching staff with the tools and the skills to take their game to the next level and make it a better and more fun environment for all. Our coaches will work with and have an opportunity to learn from our fully qualified and highly experienced senior coaching staff.  For those coaches looking to take the next step, we’re committed in supporting any member of the team with their formal coaching qualifications.

If you would like any more information about Fee Free Football or to get involved in coaching please leave a message below, check out the Fee Free Football page by clicking HERE, by getting in touch via Facebook, email or on 08 9342 9587.