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Introducing Fee Free Football (FFF)

At Balga SC, our goal has always been to provide free, fun and structured footballing pathways to all Junior players within the City of Stirling and beyond. We want to see kids reach their full potential on the field and off it. We strongly believe that your potential, drive and desire should not be influenced by your economic and cultural background. After all, our future and the future of Balga SC is in their hands.

We are very excited to introduce a true Junior Fee Free Football (FFF) program to all Balga SC members.

The FFF program is available to all children under the age of 18 and will provide talented kids an opportunity to further develop under a fully structured program as well as provide kids and families a fun way to spend time together.

We believe that this Australian first program will not only put Balga SC at the forefront of junior development but will revolutionise Junior football in Western Australia

The program aims to provide a fully organised fun environment for juniors. More than that, we understand that kids look up to their parents, guardians and families and look to them to lead the way. As such, for kids to become eligible we do require families to be involved and participate in club activities.

We will be providing two pathways for all Junior players. These are known as Academy and Community pathways.

Academy Pathway

Our advanced footballing program. The Academy pathway will follow the NPL structure and will be run and administered by experienced and fully qualified coaching staff headed by Balga SC Technical Co-Directors Ljupco Bobby Taneski and Aleks Vrteski. Bobby is a highly experienced coach holding FFA ‘B’ Coaching License and Aleks is a former Australia Youth international player holding a FFA ‘C’ Coaching License.

Community Pathway

For kids and families that are looking for a more relaxed footballing and game day experience. Community pathway teams provide parents and guardians an opportunity to be involved in their child’s footballing experience while at the same time earning Volunteering Points.

The program aims to provide a fully organised fun environment for juniors

Applications and Registration

To register for Fee Free Football you will need to:

  • Go to Player Registration page and complete the registration form. 
  • You have the option to pay for your membership online or at the club. Select the correct option. 
  • Once you have completed the Balga SC application form, follow the prompts to go to Football West and complete the FW registration.

This will complete your registration. Balga SC will than contact you with pre-season details and season kick off.

Help get more kids involved in football with your tax deductible donation.

Fee Free Football is possible thanks to