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Balga SC’s Senior Awards Night was held on Saturday and we wish to thank all the awesome supporters, volunteers and players that attended the night to celebrate the great season that we’ve had across the club. We also wish to congratulate all the award winners.

Fairest & Best First Team 2018 Nahom Michael
R/Up Fairest & Best First Team 2018 Daniel Cain
Top Goalscorer First Team 2018 Vladimir Naumovski / Nahom Michael / Danny Moss
Coaches Award First Team 2018 Hermon Habtegergish
Players Player First Team 2018 Alec Femia
Fairest & Best Reserves 2018 David Trajkoski
R/Up Fairest & Best Reserves 2018 Thiak Kuel
Top Goalscorer Reserves 2018 Sitaela Nziramasanga
Coaches Award Reserves 2018 Santiago Toro
Players Player Reserves 2018 Sitaela Nziramasanga
Fairest & Best U18’s 2018 Anthony Ruhumuriza
R/Up Fairest & Best U18’s 2018 ThaBoe Lay
Top Goalscorer U18’s 2018 Kaman Kongangui
Coaches Award U18’s 2018 Elise Kwizera
Players Player U18’s 2018 Noad Michaele
Fairest & Best Women’s 2018 Bolton Yangi
R/Up Fairest & Best Women’s 2018 Ubila Nogor
Top Goalscorer Women’s 2018 Ubila Nogor / Josephine Nkuo
Coaches Award Women’s 2018 Christine Liau
Players Player Women’s 2018 Ruqayah Hameed
Fairest & Best Masters 2018 Adrian Caloiero
R/Up Fairest & Best Masters 2018 Tahir Kulelija
Top Goalscorer Masters 2018 Tahir Kulelija
Players Player Masters 2018 Sami Alazraki
Fairest & Best Metro 2018 Andy Hayden
R/Up Fairest & Best Metro 2018 Matt Dudek
Coaches Award Metro 2018 Miralem Kulelija
Top Goalscorer Metro 2018 Andy Hayden
Players Player Metro 2018 Troy Hart
Club Person of the Year Diana Panucci


Congratulations to all the winners.