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This week we talk gloves, mentoring and karaoke with Balga SC Senior First Team goalkeeper Ollie Rigler.

Ollie, welcome to Balga SC.
Thank You

Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m 21. I grew up in North Devon England. I moved to Perth in November last year and I’m a welder by trade as well as part time singer after a few ciders.

Have you always played as a goalkeeper?
No. Only for the last two seasons. I mostly played centre forward and a central midfielder in my early teens.

What is your most memorable game and why?
England vs Greece when Beckham scored that free kick without a doubt. The most memorable game that I was part of would have to be playing against Plymouth Argyle Youth away at Plymouth.

Ollie Rigler

Ollie Rigler

You joined Balga SC at the beginning of the season. How are you finding the club so far?
I am enjoying the challenge. Great club and people involved have hearts of gold.

You’ve had a few injuries recently. How is the body feeling?
Feeling a bit heavier after three weeks off that’s for sure. But all in all, feeling tip top.

Do you think that maybe age is catching up with you?
I should hope not, otherwise when I get to Gary’s age I’ll be in one hell of a state!

You are seen as a role model for our up and coming goalkeepers. What advice would you have for them?
To enjoy playing but to always push to improve. Every day is a chance to progress and learn.

Ollie Rigler

Ollie Rigler

What is your pre-match routine?
Music has to be on and as loud as possible. Singing to myself for some reason and having a little boogy.

Do you name your gloves?
No. Ball magnets?

Gary says he doesn’t have any superstitions. What about you?
I have a lot that i have to do religiously before a game but one of them is to never tell anyone about them.

Imagine you are at the World Cup final, it is the 90th minute of the game and a penalty has been given against your team. Who is the player you would want to be facing and why?
Heskey. Because he’s a legend! If it were to ever happen and I was in goal, than it would have to be against my brother, who is currently in England.

And finally, do you go left or right?
Where ever the ball goes.


Come and see Ollie in action this Saturday when Balga SC travel to Arbor Grove Reserve to take on Ellenbrook United FC. 18s kick off at 11 AM, Senior Reserves Team at 1 PM and the Senior First Team at 3 PM.