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This week we focus on our Community football pathway.

Community Pathway is for kids and families that are looking for a more relaxed and a fun footballing and game day experience. Community pathway teams provide parents and guardians an opportunity to be involved in their child’s footballing experience while at the same time earning Volunteering Points.

We strongly believe that one of the most important influences in a child’s life are their parents and guardians. Fee Free Football aims to provide a platform to all parents and guardians to be the right example and to lead them on the right path.

In the current environment where there are a lot of areas competing for our attention, Fee Free Football at Balga SC provides parents and guardians an amazing opportunity to get involved in their child’s life and spend more time together, lead by example and instill positive values in your child and their team mates, set them on right path and be present for the highs and the lows. Each training session and each game day is a further opportunity for parents and guardians to enhance that relationship with their child and be the example.

For parents and guardians there are a number of ways to get involved. These include coaching, managing the team or the age group or being a welcoming officer. For a full list of volunteering opportunities please refer to the Balga SC website (or click here).

The Community pathway aims to give children an opportunity to enjoy football, have fun, be active and expand their horizons while making new friends.