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Sponsors are a lifeblood of any club, and Balga SC is no different.
Mirrabooka Mechanical and Tyres have a mission to provide their trusted clients value for money through sustainable and ethical business practices. This guiding statement and core values of; integrity, people, customers, safety and sustainability have established an embedded culture at Mirrabooka Mechanical and Tyres due to the passion of their team. Each of their core values encompass’ the areas of their business which they deem important to achieve their goals;
  • Integrity: We pride ourselves in being honest and ethical at all times.
  • People: We nurture an environment where everyone is respected regardless of differences and our people can grow to their fullest potential.
  • Customers: We honour and value the relationships with our clients and pride ourselves on the trust earned.
  • Safety: We look out for one another and never walk past unsafe practices or situations.
  • Sustainability: We understand our planets scarce resources and limit the impact which we have on the environment.
Their organisation was founded as a new entity in 2019 however they have a long history of operation spanning nearly 30 years at their central Mirrabooka location. The business first opened for trade in the early 90’s as a tyre outlet and has evolved over the last three decades to encompass the initial core revenue stream of tyres in addition to automotive servicing and repair. In 2019, upon retirement of the initial business owner, the current shareholders and management team elected to continue the business’ tradition and continue to provide our long-standing clients the high standards and value for money which they had come to expect and Mirrabooka Mechanical and Tyres was born.
Mirrabooka Mechanical and tyres:
  • only use quality products (Castrol lubricants, Ryco filters)
  • are vendor neutral and are able to provide any brand of tyre which our clients require
  • are open 5 days per week and until midday on Saturdays
  • only employ fully qualified tradespeople.
Visit Mirrabooka Mechanical and Tyres at 29 Yirrigan Dr, Mirrabooka WA 6061, call them on (08) 9344 6544 and check them out on their Facebook page at Mirrabooka Mechanical & Tyres