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We’re delighted to have Beyond Tools continue their sponsorship of Balga SC.

Since 1986, Beyond Tools in Malaga has established itself as a leading supplier catering specifically to Perth’s professional tradespeople. Here’s a deeper look at what makes them a go-to resource:

Top Brands: Beyond Tools stock a comprehensive selection of tools and machinery from globally recognised brands like Milwaukee, Bosch, Festool, Makita, DeWalt, and more. This ensures professionals have access to industry-standard equipment known for reliability and performance.

Specialty Focus: Beyond Tools goes beyond basic toolkits. They cater to specific trades with dedicated sections for construction, automotive, and even woodworking [Beyond Tools]. This allows professionals to find specialized equipment suited to their unique needs.
Air Filtration & Dust Extraction: Recognizing the importance of a healthy work environment, Beyond Tools offers solutions for air filtration and dust extraction systems, crucial for trades like carpentry and construction [Beyond Tools].

Knowledgeable Staff: Their team comprises experienced personnel, many with backgrounds in various trades [Beyond Tools]. This ensures professionals get informed advice when selecting the right tools for the job.
Installation & Commissioning: Beyond Tools goes the extra mile by offering installation and commissioning services for complex machinery and air filtration systems, saving professionals valuable time and ensuring proper setup [Beyond Tools].
Warranty & Repair Support: As authorized service agents for major brands, Beyond Tools provides warranty repairs and potentially after-sales support, minimizing downtime for professionals who rely on their equipment [Beyond Tools].
Additional Considerations:

Competitive Pricing: Beyond Tools aims to offer competitive pricing on their products, ensuring professionals get value for their investment.

Delivery: They provide delivery options across Perth and surrounding regions, saving professionals valuable time and effort when acquiring new equipment.


Beyond Tools is a valuable partner for Perth’s professional tradespeople. They offer a comprehensive product range, expert advice, and valuable support services, making them a one-stop shop for all professional tooling needs.